Website Design Agreement

Website Design Agreement

This Website Design Agreement is made and entered into as of the Contract Start Date, by and between the Client, and Solutic kvk-nummer: 75913011, Btw: NL003030869B10.

For the estimated total price of: one (1) euro per day, in monthly payments, for a two (2) year contract, excl. BTW 21%. 

We’ll always do our best to fulfil your needs and meet your expectations, but it’s important to have things written down so that we both know what’s what, who should do what and when, and what will happen if something goes wrong.


You want a website and we can’t wait to build it for You. We will provide You with the following services in a timely and professional manner. 

Description of the Services:  

• Custom design based on Client wishes.

• One (1) Website Language Layout  

• Responsive WebDesign, that look great on all devices! We create designs that adapt to the capabilities of many devices and screen sizes. (maximum five (5) main pages).

• Hosting package and Domain name registration: Power Package (throughout the duration of the contract). 

• Everything safe with free automatic SSL certificates.  (throughout the duration of the contract). 

• Management and maintenance of the website. (throughout the duration of the contract). 

• Adding new photos or projects (For the first three (3) months, after the delivery date (TimeLine – Completion Date), we will add up to fifteen (15) new post per month. Then up to ten (10) new post per month (throughout the rest duration of the contract). 

• Getting daily check and keeping your website up to date.

• Automatic backup up to 30 days back! 

• Availability by telephone or WhatsApp, during working days between 09:00 am and 17:00 pm. For reasonable technical support 24/7. 

Not included: 

• Payment process on this site.

• Editing the basic of the website after the delivery date (TimeLine – Completion Date). For example: (Page’s redesign or adding new functions to the website, etc.). 

Cost & Payment 

They say nothing good in life is free, and this is no exception. 

Cost of the Services:  One (1) euro per day for a two (2) year contract, in monthly payments, excl. BTW 21% 

Total Cost of the Services:  Seven hundred thirty (730) euro for a two (2) year contract, in monthly payments, excl. BTW 21% 

Amount Due at Signing:  Thirty (30) euro, excl. BTW 21% 

Amount upon the expiry of the contract period:  zero (0) euro. 

We issue invoices electronically. Our payment terms are eight (8) days from the date of invoice, using iDEAL, MasterCard, VISA, Apple Pay, PayPal, or a monthly direct debit payment by direct debit authorization. 

Payment should be done at the beginning of each month. 

All proposals are quoted in Euro and payments will be made at the equivalent conversion rate at the date the transfer is made. 

You agree to pay all charges associated with international transfers of funds. The appropriate bank account details will be printed on our electronic invoice and the Client will receive a link with iDEAL payment request. 

Late payment will incur a charge of 10% of the amount outstanding. The Client may also be charged statutory interest pursuant to the late payment legislation. Any material previously published may be removed if payment is not received. When this occurs a minimum charge of €50, excl. BTW 21% will be required to have the online content restored. 


We know You are excited to receive your final product, and We don’t want to leave You waiting.  We will roll up our sleeves and get work on the agreed upon date and continue until the satisfactory completion of the Services.  This means that We won’t throw the towel in until the website We develop for You is performing exactly as agreed to.  Here is the schedule We will follow: 

Preliminary Design: Fifteen (15) days after Contract Start Date

Your First Review:  Up to Ten (10) days after Preliminary Design Date

We want to keep You informed of the progress We are making on your website.  We will share our work with You via Google Drive, or other file sharing service and be available to answer any questions You may have during that time. 

Your FINAL Review:  Ten (10) days after Your First Review Date 

Your FINAL review must include any and all feedback You have. 

Completion: Fifteen (15) after Your FINAL Review Date

We will be available throughout the duration of the contract to provide You with reasonable technical support and correct any possible errors or deficiencies. 

Copyright Notice 

A Copyright notice that states “Powered by Solutic” will be displayed on the footer of de website. 

Intellectual Property 

You will own the masterpiece, also known as the website, that We design for You and any visuals that We provide with it, we will turn over our work product, including any necessary files and the dashboard upon the expiry of the contract period, or during the termination, and You will be responsible from that time for their safekeeping. Unless the contract has been renewed. 

We are not required to keep copies.  You guarantee that You have the legal right to all elements of text, photographs, and anything else that You provide to Us and that You will not hold Us responsible for any third-party claims. 

We will own any copyrightable work, ideas, inventions, products, or other information that We create in connection with the Services We are providing.  We guarantee that We have the legal right to all elements related to the Services We are providing and will not hold You responsible for any third-party claims. 


Your secrets are safe with Us. This includes your proprietary information (things like trade secrets, know-how, or any other confidential information that is not publicly available).  We promise We won’t sell your proprietary information to a third-party, no matter how much they offer Us. 


We would really hate to see You go. You can end this Agreement by giving Us a ninety (90) day written notice and paying Us for the Services that We have completed, which means the remaining amount of the Total Cost (Cost & Payment – Total Cost of the Services). 

If either Party fails to follow through with their responsibilities or obligations under this Agreement, the other Party can end this Agreement by giving a ninety (90) day written notice. This Agreement will automatically terminate when both Parties have performed all of their obligations under the Agreement and all payments have been made. 

limitation of liability

• Your liability to Us is only for the cost’s payable under this Agreement.  

• Strengthening information, photos, texts, and data that are necessary to complete your website. (This may halt construction work). 


If any section of this Agreement is found to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, the rest of the Agreement will still be enforceable. 

Complete Contract 

This Agreement puts the Parties entire understanding of the Services to be performed and anything else the Parties have agreed to in black and white (literally). This Agreement supersedes any other written or verbal communications between the Parties. Any subsequent changes to this Agreement must be made in writing and signed by both Parties.